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Natural Solutions For Breaking The
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By Dr. Michael Papa


Over nearly two decades of counseling parents of children with Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD), and treating both children and parents, I have found that many parents worry deeply about putting their children on drug programs. I fully share this concern. I believe it is vital to look carefully and cautiously at all sides of any issue involving our children's health, and particularly when it comes to a diagnosis or treatment of ADD or ADHD.

Working with parents and children over the past 18 years, I have found answers to their problems. The key is to ask the right questions and listen to the answers! Drugs are not your only solution and should not be your first choice in cases of ADD or ADHD. Why? In a nutshell, drugs often create worse problems than the ones they are supposed to solve, and sometimes their use is outright dangerous.

First, let's take the time for the important step of looking at daily habits, routines and her factors that can be a root cause of symptoms. These can include:

• Poor nutrition
• Mineral, vitamin, and nutrient deficiencies
• High blood sugar levels
• High consumption of caffeine, sugar or other stimulating products
• Poor sleep habits
• Insufficient exercise
• Food allergies
• Environmental hazards – including toxins that may be present in your living room, basement, kitchen, lawn or schoolroom
• Too much time spent in front of the television or computer, and playing video games
• An emotionally stressful living environment or situation

All of the above points, along with other considerations that I will address in later chapters, should be examined and fully exhausted before any medications are given. You can also go to my website www.papaschoice.com for a more in-depth discussion on symptoms and first steps.

The first natural choice is to adjust lifestyle and nutritional factors before considering a jump into dangerous medications. If you do not address proper nutrition and lifestyle choices then signs of ADD/ADHD will most likely continue to appear and no magic drug can prevent them!

Of course, it is much easier to give your child the drug your physician prescribes than to face the challenge of making the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes, but then what? You might be lucky and see some results from the medication, but these are likely to last only a short time. Where does this leave you? Right back with the same problem.

If you are really serious about eliminating ADD/ADHD in your children, you must not only consider breaking out of your comfort zones regarding nutrition and lifestyle, you must also make the time to educate yourself on the best choices for your children and your family.

Yes, this involves effort - but the effort will be well worthwhile. There is no greater satisfaction or reward than giving your child the gift of health. The natural approach I recommend will not create unpleasant side effects, nor carry the risk of addiction and other dangers associated with drug therapies. Drugs used to control ADD/ADHD are dangerous and can create a lifetime of illness and dependency. Your children's lives - and your own - are precious. Always seek alternatives to drugs. Talk to your physician or health care provider and make sure you exhaust every alternative before stepping onto the slippery slope of a drug medication program which you may never get off.

In this book I will show you healthy and intelligent alternatives to control and eliminate the symptoms associated with ADD/ADHD naturally. We will discuss the causes of ADD/ADHD, their signs and symptoms, and natural approaches to treatment and prevention including a balanced lifestyle and proper nutrition - which I consider to be at least 50 percent, and sometimes much more, of the battle to eliminate ADD/ADHD symptoms. I will also discuss the dangers of medication and review the drugs that are commonly prescribed for ADD/ADHD.

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