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ADD / ADHD Breakthrough!

Finally, an All-Natural Alternative Remedy!

It is estimated that 6 million children in the United States are currently prescribed Ritalin or another drug to control the symptoms of ADD/ADHD. In the United States, medicating our children has become by far the most popular way of dealing with these conditions, the root causes of which can be attributed to any or all of the following, and addressed successfully with natural solutions:

• Poor nutrition
• Mineral, vitamin, and nutrient deficiencies
• High blood sugar levels
• High consumption of caffeine, sugar or other stimulating products
• Poor sleep habits
• Insufficient exercise
• Food allergies
• Environmental hazards
• Over-exposure to television, computer, and video games
• An emotionally stressful living environment or situation

If we can talk of an epidemic of ADD/ADHD, we can also talk of a drugging epidemic. Doctors are writing prescriptions routinely and expeditiously, many times without a thorough examination of the child’s individual case and circumstances, and ill-informed parents are accepting them.

It is time now that we work together to reverse this trend and restore health to ourselves, our children and a medical system that is over-reliant on drug therapy. Generation A.D.D., Natural Solutions for Breaking the Prescription Addiction presents common-sense approaches that can help you and your child achieve freedom from the potentially long-term, damaging effects of ADD/ADHD and their corresponding drug-based therapies.

Drugging our kids to control their behavior has become widespread in our modern society. But the very real dangers of the medications used are all too often ignored or downplayed. As concerned parents we need to realize that there are more intelligent choices: We can help our children with natural, alternative approaches that are healthy, effective and positively transformative, have no dangerous effects, and do not promote violent behavior or addictive habits that often become lifelong health hazards.

Healthful Communications, Inc. announces a New Book on Natural Solutions for A.D.D.

In this book, Dr. Michael Papa introduces you to these successful alternatives and natural approaches to ADD/ADHD, including special nutritional recommendations. Dr. Papa’s approach is simple and non-invasive, and will help you cope with the daily challenge of raising healthy, focused children. If you are an adult with ADD/ADHD, this book will be an invaluable tool to help you achieve a naturally focused lifestyle.
On Sunday December 16th, Dr. Michael Papa a Jupiter FL Chiropractor, author of "Generation A.D.D. Natural Solutions for Breaking the Prescription Addiction" appeared on Sunday Today in New York to show us how to integrate natural foods into your children's diet.


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