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Dr. Michael Papa has been practicing in the South Florida area since 1989.  In the past 19 years, Dr. Papa has become frustrated with the increasing number of parents coming into his office seeking help and assistance, because they have been told that their child has ADD and ADHD by teachers, counselors and school psychologists. These parents were seeking alternatives, but everywhere they turned, they were told that prescription medications were the solution.  Unlike many medical doctors,  Dr. Papa, a chiropractor is well versed in alternative methods of treatment, he approaches ADD and ADHD with a more holistic and commonsense approach by taking a thorough family history, listening to the patients and realizing that the parents know their children better than anyone else. And unfortunately, hundreds and thousands of children have nowhere to turn but to their parents.       

Dr. Papa's approach includes determining the cause and not just treating the symptoms. Through questions and answers with parents and thousands of hours of consultations and trying multiple approaches, Dr. Papa has found success over the last fifteen years which has led him to write the book, "Generation A.D.D."  He feels strongly that knowledge is power and that educating parents and providing them with alternatives and the correct questions to ask, offers a greater chance for positive results in their children.      

Dr. Papa thinks parents are the first line of defense in helping their children and says it is up to them to take charge. Factors parents have control over, according to Dr. Papa, include dictating the foods their children eat, limiting their access to sugar and caffeine, providing a strong family structure, noting and keeping track of their allergic reactions to food, pesticides and molds and regulating time spent in front of the television or computer which are all contributing factors to ADD or ADHD-type symptoms.      

ADD and ADHD symptoms are often misdiagnosed due to vitamin and mineral deficiencies along with increased sugar and caffeine intake and, in his book, Dr. Papa writes that medication should be the last resort and not the first. In the 1970's, a campaign to "say no" to drugs was introduced across the country in elementary, middle and high schools, and now in 2007, it is still "say no" to drugs, but "say yes" to prescription drugs. Dr. Papa says that parents have alternatives and choices and they need to ask questions because their child's future is in their hands. He advocates seeking the help and education needed to provide that positive future. "Generation A.D.D." is written as a basic guidebook for parents in a simple format to understand and utilize so that they can help our next generation.

Dr. Papa received his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from National Chiropractic College in Chicago and his Bachelors of Science Degree in 1988; his undergraduate study was completed at St. Johns University in New York.

Dr. Papa is the official Chiropractor and lecturer for many major schools, sports teams and organizations throughout South Florida. He is an active member in the community, conducting regular workshops for companies such as Home Depot, Publix Supermarkets, Howard Johnson’s Hotels, Hazelton Laboratories and the Palm Beach County Parks Department.

Dr. Papa is a current member of the American Chiropractic Association, The Florida Chiropractic Association, The American Chiropractic Association Council on Sports Medicine, The Florida Chiropractic Association Council on Sports Injuries and Physical Fitness, the Board of Directors of Just Say No To Drugs, Team Physician for the West Palm Beach Blaze Hockey Team, and Physician for Jupiter and Dwyer High School Athletic Departments, and the NAIA Championships.

Dr. Papa founded Papa Chiropractic & Physical Therapy in Jupiter, Florida in 1989 and has been the center’s director since then. Dr. Papa’s professional expertise in sports, spine and extremity injuries lead him to work with hundreds of children through schools, sports teams and organizations throughout Jupiter and South Florida. Here, he became aware of the prolific drug epidemic of children on psychiatric drugs and other pharmaceuticals for the treatment of ADD/ADHD. Outraged by what he calls an egregious violation of our young people’s health and quality of life, Dr. Papa felt compelled, as a health professional, to provide parents with the support and education they need to make positive and healthy decisions for themselves and their children, thereby averting the very real and potentially lifelong dangers of drug dependence.

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